Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Motivation in My Career & Reaching Goals!

A month of the year is behind us. It doesn't feel like that's right, does it? Even if you don't make New Years resolutions, what is your motivation in your life? DO you have goals this year? How are you going to reach them?

I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment & a knowing I did a good job. I take it personal. I value honesty in my peers. Having someone to keep you accountable matters, not a drill Sergent but a friend to help you get there.

Since late last year I have felt like this year was going to be a turning point for my family & I. I don't know why I feel this way I just do. We have had a couple rough years mixed with such blessings. Since my husband & I have been married looking back some things are laughable & unbelievable.

My motivation is my family. I want to succeed for them, I want to provide for them. I want them to be proud of me. Every time I see my babies especially it reignites the fire inside for me to keep pushing on. Life is not easy. I believe my God likes a hard working, family oriented person with a servants heart. These are qualities I try to achieve.

In my line of work I deliver good & bad news. I really try my best to do well for my clients & take each homes as it were my own. I do not believe the transaction ends at the closing table. If you see me out I want you to be happy with me & happy in your home. That's my job! The details are what I do behind the scenes.
I don't mind giving someone a second chance with one of our rentals. I really go to bat for residents when I feel I need to. I believe that goes a long way. This is why even though we have a office phone I still get calls on my personal cell phone. They want to call me. I have developed great relationships with them.
I have been in Real Estate & Property Management for 5 years now, I have a awesome boss. I know your thinking, really?

I do we are friends & I believe we both want to see the business succeed & take it personally. In this business your reputation means alot. I want to keep mine in good order, so you better believe I am leaving my ego at the door & helping anyway I can. We work odd hours, rarely take days off, & usually work when your sleeping. I enjoy the flexibility of my job. I have kids I can't tell you how thankful I am to be able to work & spend time with them. Seriously they grow up way to fast!

Here's what matters no what field you are in!

1) Be a hard worker- I worked up until the day of my induction with my daughter (if I hadn't been put on bed rest with my son I would have then too) pregnant, pms'ing, sick, it doesn't matter. Lazy people never made it anywhere in life, hard work does pay off. Your definition of success with determine how successful you are.

2) Be Loyal-Loyalty to yourself/values & your job.  It never fails there are some agents who I never see at the office & don't have closings. If you have the option of flexible hours. Make a point to sit down each day for work. Don't complain if you don't put any work into it!

3) Don't Get Discouraged-  There are plenty of "haters" out there waiting for you to fail, love watching you stumble, can't wait to tell the whole world via Facebook, lol
Stay focused, be persistent, & be humble. These will help you get to your goal.

4)Take a Timeout- Even on your busiest day take 30 minutes to yourself, recover, collect your thoughts. Then jump back in it. I do this with a Starbucks run!

5)Be Your Biggest Fan- No one in my family understands my job. I work weird hours, I can't fully explain why I'm stressed out, & stay busy doing "nothing" in there eyes.
When I feel a lack of support I remind myself of my motivation (my babies!)

I hope this helps be genuine, keep up the hard work, & succeed in 2011. Were 1 month in & it looks great so far!!!!

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