Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fences Make Good Neighboors...

This old saying is true more times than not. If you are looking to install a fence here are a few tips to ease the process.
 You could try a little DIY fencing. Honestly unless you are really handy & have the required tools on hand to complete this, leave it to the professionals!lol
(Farrer Bros, Lowes, &  Home Depot all rent the tools you would need even trailers to haul it to the house)

Professional Installation is my preferred method. You get a warranty on defected installation unlike the DIY method. You don't have wear yourself out, get snowed, rained or frustrated with the job. There are a few companies in town that can assist you. Please make sure that the company you use has insurance before starting work on your property. This is mandated by Tennessee State Law.

Personally I have dealt with quite a few but Bratton Bros here in Murfreesboro does great work. They can construct just about anything you request & will be honest with you. Your welcome to choose whom ever you would like this is just my personal review**

Factors of Fence Pricing-
Rock- If you have a lot of it be ready! Someone has to remove it....
Size of the area you would like to fence-The bigger the more it costs
Materials-Some materials are less expensive than other is all about look & durability(Wood, PVC, IRON)
Labor-How labor intensive the job will be.
(It is done by the foot, plus gate & rock removal cost)

Some local companies....

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