Friday, January 14, 2011

One of the MOST touchy subjects...Your Pets!

I have a English Bulldog -Georgia she is our families latest addition. We adopted her from the animal shelter roughly 6 months ago, we are still getting to know her. Believe me anyone with a English Bulldog will tell you, life is intrestingly fun & gross. I understand where you die hard amimal lovers come from. We care for her & shame on me if she stays outside too long! Having a animal when selling your home is a subject that should be covered & instructions followed if needed by any agent showing your home.

I once had a listing appointment with a couple who didn't have any kids but had 2 small dogs who might as well been children. I toured the home  & performed my listing presentation. We came to agree on everything but the situation with their dogs. They would not let them outside during the day while they were gone, put them in a kennel, or put them at a "doggie daycare" so showings could be performed. This was a very upscale home, well kept, & honestly we could have sold it I believe. The major deal breaker is the dogs. They refused to do anything with them (they were major barkers too) It was beyond reason to them that a potential buyer would be annoyed by this or walk away completely. You may LOVE your dog but not everyone is a dog lover.

I just don't understand when a REALTOR tells you something has to be done to sell your home & you flat out refuse over a pet.

I will tell you if your home smells like pet urine! Thanks to my nose after having children, I am very sensitive to smells. I am not embarrased to say "Mr & Mrs. Smith you need to replace the carpet before we list the home it has a strong urine smell." It's not personal it's business, I am hired to effieciently sell your home for as much & as fast as I can. I run across this problem & honestly as nasty as it sounds most people don't realize the smell until someone else says something, they are used to it.

Kennel your pet! A potential buyer should be able to freely walk around the home without worrying about your "really docile rottweiler". How can one feel at home when they are worried about keeping they're appendages?

Poop Scoop your back yard.
A potential buyer should be able to walk around outside without smelling or stepping in your animals feces. This will be a MAJOR deal breaker & will end up on your homes floors incidently too.

Finally don't be offended if the feed back from a showing on your home deals with one of these issues. Every pet owner "thinks" they're  home doesn't smell. Take it seriously if you would like to sell your home. Offer to replace the carpet after closing of you can't do it until you close the home.
Owners should go the extra mile seeing as your pet did damage  in the home.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner & IT WILL PAY OFF when you sell your home!

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