Monday, January 24, 2011

Who You Are Following....

I have written a few posts & done my 1st blog hop. As I was viewing these pages I wondered who some people were. A brief description & somewhat witty writing is catchy but enough to "follow" IDK, I guess I'm particular about who I choose as "friends" even in the cyber world lol

So if your like me wondering about who your "following"...
>I'll be 25 this year

>I am married to my middle school sweetheart we have been together since I was 13...we do not act our age because we feel like a old married couple @ times :)

>There are 2 kids so far a boy who's almost 3 & a little girl who will one next month.

>I am a Indianapolis Colts fan & you will hear & see about them on my blog. My whole family =huge fans!

>I have a English bulldog Georgia, if you have one you know why it's like having another kid.

>Supernatural is my favorite TV show...looks ain't bad boys & a good plot!

>I LOVE Starbucks, pretty shoes, Dove Chocolate, Stand up comedy, movies especially comedy's,American Eagle is my favorite place to shop for clothes, I usually don't wear makeup, Target over Wal- Mart any day & living in the south rocks!

>I have been in Real Estate for 5 years now & Property Management as well. I love my job it allows for each day to be different help people with there most important purchase of there life & allows flexible hours for my children. I plan on doing this for a Long time. I really enjoy it. (If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!)

> I am a Christian & feel like I will soon find a church to feel @ home @. I don't look down on other religions, I have friends with opposing views. I just just don't think it's a deal breaker with friends!lol

>I enjoy cooking on my terms, my schedule is really inconsistent so I do my best to make sure everyone eats good meals but my kids & husband each have different likes/dislikes..this makes it really hard. Oh & don't forget food rules either...geez! If you have easy healthy receipes please post them on your blog I am always looking for more!

>Music I like all kinds on Pandora though my favorite station is Jon B Radio, old school r & b just makes my heart flutter!

>I come from a large southern family this would be a book in itself. I don't have enough patience to go there!lol

>Favorite Foods---Mexican, German, Italian, & Southern Soul Food
Examples: Homemade nachos, stroganaff, spaghetti/Alfredo, 6 course Sunday dinner plates...oh & did I say carbs are my weakness?

>What you will find in my blog: Information, I want to be informative on real estate no matter what state you are in I hope I am able to help you! I want you to be able to relate & laugh I love my kids but they are crazy! I'm just trying to stay sane & enjoy life!

Email me topics or questions your wondering about, I will be happy to help!

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