Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things To Do In Murfreesboro!

I often find myself racking my brain on what to do each weekend, if your new to the area this might be a starting point!

Bowling-We have 2 bowling alleys Lanes Trains & Automobiles is the newest. It has bumper cars, multiple restaurants, bar, arcade, TONS of lanes.

For more traditional bowling atmosphere visit 

Skating- Skate Center West located near Broad street & Medical Center Pkwy

Parks- There are PLENTY of parks in Murfreesboro there is wooden castle play area close to Stones River Mall, Barfield Park has extensive walking trails & nature center.

Malls- There are 2 malls the main difference being Stones River mall is indoor & The Avenue is a outdoor mall

Go Karting/Put Put Golf- There is 1 place to go for this near the malls & I 24

Golfing- There are quiet a few places to golf no need to elaborate here are the websites
Swimming- There are many options for staying cool in the summer here, you can read my blog on neighborhoods with swimming pools or visit one of there public venues.
Sports Com has been totally re-vamped & is much like a mini-Nashville Shores!
Movie Theaters- We have 2 theaters as well. A Carmike off Cason Lane & a locally owned theater in Jackson Heights Plaza
Carmike Wynnsong-
Premeire 6-
Athletic Clubs- There are plenty of these around, I will list the top few I can think of
Have fun & ENJOY what Murfreesborooffer!

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  1. Oh and don't forget Nashville Shores in the summmmerrrrr :) We get season passes. You guys should do the same so we can go all the time.