Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why to choosing a REALTOR is IMPORTANT!

Whether I am dealing with a first time homebuyer or a client who has purchased before, a few of the same questions or topics arise. The market is constantly changing & as a REALTOR is my job to keep you informed. I feel like the golden rule applies in real estate. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. I will relay good & bad information even if it might be hard to hear. I think too many REALTORS try & play nice & just hope that the home closes. I believe there are a few items of advice that you should know when begining to purchase or sell a home.

>Make sure that the person you choose truly holds a license with the state your in
(Each state ensures that continuing education & insurance is strictly adheared to)

>I think that chemistry is important with your agent. You should be able to trust them explicity to follow the laws & to try to meet your requests. This is a major step in life & you should be represented correctly & hopefully make a friend along the way !

>Search the MLS even if your agent already is. Your agent will send you homes via email that fit your criteria but it can't hurt to keep looking too. This ensures communication.

>When looking at the home be HONEST if there is something you don't like tell your agent!! This is not personal so don't be afraid to explain why the pink kitchen is just off the list!

>If you have questions ask them, either right away or write them down so everything can be explained clearly to you.

>Have access to a computer,email, fax, printer, or scanner (You & Your Agent)
There are times especially in short sales & foreclosures paperwork must be signed ASAP! Any delay could jepordize the offer.

> The market dictates sales price as your agent you will be giving you expert advice on what a home could be worth. If your selling your home get 3 opinions if you do not agree, be careful though the highest list price may cost you in the end. Statistics matter in real estate not what you believe your home is worth. Again it's not personal you ar presented facts based on what has sold & for what in your area.

When purchasing the same applies, offering 20k below list price for your dream home will not only offended the seller but could get your offer rejected completly & you might be back to square one in your search. Consider what your agent says on list price when making a offer. A suggested offer price is not created out of thin air, it is based on statistics in the area your home is in. Make a educated decision & be aware the terms of your offer.

>Short Sales & Foreclosures are usually a long process & can emotionally drain your excitment of the home buying process. Things will go much smoother if you prepare your self for this. In this case be ready for anything the bank is not aware of any history on the home your home inspection is VERY important!

>GET A HOME INSPECTION!! You are making the biggest purchase if your life do not go into the home blind.

>To wrap it up remember that your agent is not superman or superwoman. No one is perfect & at the end of the day we are all human. Even if you are at the end of your rope with things. Please treat each other with respect. Refrain from yelling, cussing, or belittling your agent. Yes you have hired them to represent you & sometimes things just do click or work out. You have every right to choose someone else.
                              THE GOLDEN RULE APPLIES ALWAYS!

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